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92. E-Mail küldése TamamoCsillagidő: 2023. 03. 11. 14:37:09
Done! Thank you so much...and sorry for posting in the wrong forum. The IG2 forums were all closed.

91. EndreCsillagidő: 2023. 03. 11. 09:06:17
Send a message to TCH. He was the creator of the IG2 .DAT editor and he is the owner of Oscomp. "Submit a message"

90. E-Mail küldése TamamoCsillagidő: 2023. 03. 11. 06:07:43
Hello, I am looking for one of the editors that can open the IG2 .dat files. Sadly I have been unable to find it as the bill geec website died, and the download had previously been replaced by a virus. Does anyone have the extractor/packer?

89. E-Mail küldése KrixCsillagidő: 2016. 04. 12. 21:23:16
Hello Everybody!
I am searching for the english version of IG2. I have the hungarian version, but I think the english version is better for upload gameplays. Someone could you help me? I have used the google, all download option is dead.

88. Névtelen hozzászólóCsillagidő: 2016. 03. 10. 01:36:27

87. hey anybody?Csillagidő: 2015. 08. 17. 05:42:11
hey anybody?

86. E-Mail küldése EndreCsillagidő: 2014. 08. 10. 20:37:51
We are looking for you. Stay online.

85. E-Mail küldése god_xuanCsillagidő: 2014. 08. 10. 12:41:39
hey is any1 still playing ?
im online at gmt +8 on sat and suns

84. Névtelen hozzászólóCsillagidő: 2012. 09. 29. 20:18:46
A trainer is for version 1.14? :D

83. E-Mail küldése pekitomenestrualityCsillagidő: 2012. 08. 23. 12:53:09
I have a Brilliant save game that is hacked in which battleship requires no money to build. But i am not getting any sites to upload it Any Ideas!?

82. E-Mail küldése GarrettCsillagidő: 2011. 11. 30. 23:26:02
Run the "setup.exe", and change the screen resolution to 640x480x16.
(Or get a better VGA driver)

81. E-Mail küldése NommieCsillagidő: 2011. 11. 23. 17:15:34
hi ppl

I have installed IG2 on Win7 and it run normally apart from the fact when o try to open the design screen.
Does anyone know why that may be and how can I fix it?

80. Wexisness(hun)Csillagidő: 2011. 05. 29. 22:59:01
Someone please help,
can i find any no-cd crack for the skirmish???

79. ByeohazardCsillagidő: 2011. 04. 25. 23:02:37
The game did not install in windows 7 64 bit because of the 32 bit installer...i get around this by installing the game from safe like a charm for alot of older games. Thought I may share to see if this helps anyone.....its a neat game!

78. E-Mail küldése AnthonyCsillagidő: 2011. 04. 06. 09:54:31
Hello Pawelo,
can you send me at the e-mail the all scenarios pack for Imperium Galactica II, please?
My e-mail is:
Thank you!

77. E-Mail küldése GarrettCsillagidő: 2010. 11. 28. 22:49:20
IG2 11th birthday game on 1st December 2010 at 7pm (GMT +1)!

76. Névtelen hozzászólóCsillagidő: 2010. 10. 15. 08:59:28
Hello, sir

Just found this site moment agos

I just wondering that, is Imperium Galactica 2 work with hamachi too? so I can create some,... hmm. private game with friends. :D

75. E-Mail küldése EndreCsillagidő: 2010. 10. 12. 21:14:23
Use the 1.14 patch and start with ig2nt.exe and set the compatible mode to Windows 98/ME.

74. E-Mail küldése ElrodCsillagidő: 2010. 09. 26. 00:55:42
Just got a Windows 7 computer having trouble trying to get IG2 to run on it. could any body provide some guidance thanks

73. E-Mail küldése GuestCsillagidő: 2009. 11. 23. 19:53:23
Please give me the steps to edit saved game for IG2.

72. Névtelen hozzászólóCsillagidő: 2009. 10. 19. 19:54:41
just search on the internet I had a similar probleem with vista and have dowloaded a file to let the game run under xp and now it works

71. E-Mail küldése KamionkaCsillagidő: 2009. 08. 06. 07:48:47

I tried several times to play IG2 on ma Win XP, but everytime I exit the games I get "blue screen" and computer shuts down. Anybody had the same experience and know how to solve it?


70. E-Mail küldése Daco valuCsillagidő: 2009. 06. 02. 11:41:48
can anyone tell me how to mod Imperium galactica 2? Im not sure which tools Im supposed to use and on which files.

69. E-Mail küldése The_Big_NozCsillagidő: 2009. 04. 19. 22:18:02
Andre!!, i come back to know if you have found a fix to play in 1280*1024 scenario and to play with the design mod?

You save us with the patch 1.14 but this bug is very awfull.


68. E-Mail küldése AndreCsillagidő: 2009. 04. 01. 20:05:27

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